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My work may be seen at River Gallery, Independence, OR, the Corvallis Art Center's gift shop, and in my studio by appointment.



Most recent work

December 2017

Finished prints, framed

and the finished prints, unframed


September 2017





February 2017

January 2017




Vole Skulls or other bones cast in resin, wire wrapped on a chain

Available at River Gallery


for individual paintings go to painting page.

Art will appreciate as you appreciate it.

• I am represented by River Gallery

184 S. Main St.

Independence, Oregon

•Corvallis Art Center Art Shop

all purchases are an automatic 50% donation to the Art Center

Would you like to rent artwork? Contact me if you would like to live with a piece while deciding. Rental would be applied to purchase.

you can email me by clicking on the frog


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I have two books on (search by my name).

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