Art "Maps" is Art "Spam" spelled backwards.

Sent: Sun, Apr 27, 2014 10:16 am
Subject: Art Maps Catching up

Hi, I'm way behind on these Art Maps.

So here are some links you can follow to see what's going on. I'm currently in a two person show at the Corvallis Arts Center. And will be in the All About Paper show at the LaSells Stewart Center at OSU. Those are two of the links below.

The other is for a  National juried printmaking show in Topeka, KS. Here's  a picture of the piece that got in.
That gallery looks very interesting and I wish I could see the show.

I try to keep my own website up-to-date, but admit to falling behind sometimes.

Thank you to all who showed up for the opening at the Arts Center. I really appreciate it.

Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain, it must be Spring in Oregon.

Carol Chapel
25288 Llewellyn Rd.
Corvallis, OR 97333
541 929-6637

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Sometimes I’m so slow I can’t even get out of my own way. Why didn’t it occur to me to post the Art Maps here before? Now I'll try to post them as I send them.

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July 2013


Oh my! Summer is back. I hope you’re enjoying it. 

I’ve been matting and framing and getting ready to be the “focus” artist at the River Gallery starting on Tuesday. Right now I’m planning on one or two paintings and many drawings with some very recent work. The one attached is a mixed media drawing titled "An Ancient Face for one so Young". It's "of" one of our Barn Owl babies.

There isn’t any gallery opening in July. This may be the way you will find out.  Come on in a pay a visit. I’ll be sitting the gallery on the 9th and the 26th.The gallery is at 184 S. Main Street in Independence and open from 11 to 5 Tuesday through Sunday

Also, The Historical Museum in Philomath has a show up right now called Raining Cats and Dogs. I have one piece in it.

What better way to escape the heat than to go hide away with art?

stay cool,




I sure have been a slacker about posting the Art Maps here. But this is the one I sent September 10, 2012. That's this morning.

I hope you're all enjoying the Fall. Does anyone else think time is just zipping by?

The Fall Festival Showcase show is up at the Corvallis Arts Center with the opening reception scheduled for September 21. Since my design was their design two years ago, I'm in the show. The reception will begin at 5:30p. It will make a great start for an exciting Fall Festival weekend.

As I may have mentioned, I'm a Partner now at the River Gallery in Independence. So you can see a variety of my work there. I'm excited to be a part of a gallery that I have held in high regard and visited for years. Please drop by.

But wait there's more. I will have at least two drawings in a new gallery in Japan. I'll send you all the details of that when I have them. For now, I know it is scheduled to open next month and is run by Kevin Clark, the gallery owner and printmaker from Roseburg.

OK. You know it will rain sooner or later, so get out there and enjoy the Autumn.


July 2011


I have some dates for your calendar, but first I want to mention a project by an international group of printmakers. 

You can read about it here:

Each printmaker donated 30 prints to be sold to raise money for Japan relief after the earthquake and tsunami. The details are on the website so I won't repeat them here, except to say that ALL of the money will be going to Japan Mercy Corp. Take a look. You just might want to buy a print. Need I say that these are handpulled prints, not reproductions? :-)

Now the dates and places where I have some work in August.

August 1 to 30 there are two of my watercolors in a show at the Giustina Gallery at La Sells on the OSU Campus.

August 6 to January 5 I have two pieces at the Civic Center in Independence in a show called Art and the City. They have a beautiful new civic center and I think this is an inaugural exhibition.

August 26 to September 5 I have one piece in the Professional section at the State Fair.

Since Summer seems to finally have arrived maybe I'll see you out and about. I hope so.

June 2011

The sun was out a bit ago. Almost caused a panic. 

I'm still unable to make changes to my web site, but that will change. In the mean time I'll send along this most recent acrylic, approx. 30 x 32. Titled "Man in a Red Shirt". If you're my friend on Facebook you may already have seen this. Oh and I've started stretching my own canvasses again.

I hope the weather where you are suits you to a tea (or should it be T?). I'll have to investigate that one.


August 2010

As we're getting our first real rain for many moons, and know that there is much more on its way, here's what else Fall brings...The Fall Festival! Something to mark your calendars and look forward to. I was so pleased that a painting of mine was chosen for this year's design.
And further pleased that one of my paintings at the All Oregon Art Annual at the State Fair was one of 5 to receive an award (197 works submitted, 49 exhibited).
Now you will be pleased to know I'll keep quiet for a while.
I hope you're enjoying this changing of the seasons.

July again.

I intended to wait until next month before spamming you again.
Intended to.
But I have a bit of news I want you to know about and I'll include an image at the end that is the most recent drawing I've done. It will be on my website soon, but isn't there yet. The title is Madam Takes a Bow. It has nothing to do with the news.
The News is - I'll have two paintings in the All Oregon Art Annual, professional division at the State Fair. The Fair runs from August 13 to September 7. There's a link on my website. So come on to the fair!
My work at Gathering Together comes down the end of this month. If you need great vegies and/or sinful pastries, Gathering Together is the place.
The Opening at the River Gallery is the 7th of August.
I hope you're enjoying this glorious summer weather we've been having.
OK, NOW I won't spam you until next month. Thanks for reading and remember if you want off this list, just say so.
Here's Madam Takes a Bow


Summer is really here and soon will be gone. Where DOES the time go?

Thank you to all who attended the show at the Jacobs Gallery.

Right now and through the end of July, I have some work up at Gathering Together Farm Stand. Your opportunity to see art and eat something sinfully delicious.

There is still work at the Corvallis Art Center Gift Shop. That place is another hidden treasure of our community.

The River Gallery in Independence is hosting Fur, Fins and Feathers from August 3 to the 29th. The opening reception is August 7. If you haven't been to the River Gallery yet, please use this as an opportunity to visit one of my favorite galleries in the Willamette Valley. Of course I'm mentioning it, because I have a piece in the show.

That's it so far. There are links to all of the above at my website.

I hope you are enjoying the summer.





Here's a link to the video of my name in lights. Be quick or you'll miss it. The show will be up until July 10.

And my most recent painting:


Still May (barely)

I've added a new image and two older images tomy web site. They all have to do with the same subject - oil spills.
This recent spill was the result of a well stabbed deep into the heart of the earth and bleeding oil into the Gulf of Mexico. All I can do is respond. This painting of a sea turtle is titled Ancient Victim.

May 2010

I just put my newest painting up on my website. http:// I'll attach it here. There may be several new ones since the last time I sent you my spam.This one is small (8 x 10) and is of my "first bird" of 2010. Not the first bird I've
painted in 2010, but the first bird I saw on New Years Day. It's a bird lover thang.

I'll have some more exciting news coming up in the next month or so.I hope you're enjoying the Spring or the rain or
the Spring-rain as the case may be.

Oops. I haven't been posting the Art Maps as I write them. I'll try to do better.

April 2010

Some people keep a journal. Some people keep a blog. I haven't been very successful at either, but if you want to know what is going on in my life, all you have to do is look at my artwork. It's very autobiographical. But at the same time, I'm hoping that it is universal. I want to tell a story while at the same time giving the viewer the symbols to make their own story.

It's spring here in Oregon. We are knee deep in lambs. I'm hoping that this painting speaks of renewal. Maybe of protection. Maybe of innocence. Maybe of wisdom. Maybe of that green of the grass right now that is so intense it hurts the eyes.

Happy Spring!


I've had trilliums on my mind this Spring. Mostly the Trillium kurabayashii that grows right outside my studio door. Here is the latest trillium image. It's a 9 x 12 woodcut using Shina plywood and printed on Sumi paper. You can find it and my other trillium interpretations - mixed media drawings - on my website.
I hope you are enjoying the Spring.

End of April almost

My "Blood" trilliums are blooming so I'm going to go with the belief that Spring and then Summer are on their way.
Here's my most recent reaction to the change of season. I'll have a larger version up on my website soon. (
I hope your seasonal changes are good.


Ah. Spring is really on it's way. Daffodils are blooming. Birds are returning. The Art About Agriculture exhibit is coming up.

I had a piece accepted again this year. The show will open at La Sells Stewart Center here in Corvallis on April 7. From there it will travel to The Dalles Art Center, Grants Pass Museum of Art and the Crossroads Carnegie Art Center.I am always pleased to be accepted into this show of work from the Pacific Northwest.

I hope you will be able to see it.

Enjoy this beginning of Spring.


For you locals there's good news. Gathering Together Farm Stand is re-opening on February 12. They will be open Thurs., Fri. and Saturdays for the start of this season. I will be displaying prints for the first exhibit. I hope I don't need to remind you that they are handpulled prints. NOT reproductions. I just gotta say it everytime, don't I? I'm sure glad that they are re-opening. Not that I've missed those donuts or anything like that.

See you there.

Happy 2009!
As you know I did a flag painting to celebrate the up coming inauguration. I had some postcards printed of the image. If you'd like to have one, email me your postal address and I'll drop one in the mail to you. We can all celebrate together.
And again, if you want off this list, just let me know.

Since I've already sent one December Art Maps, well, here comes another. First, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I do hope you are enjoying this time of year that is both dark and light at the same time.

Here's the new woodcut I have on my website. Actually there are two of them, but you'll see the other if you go there.

And here's an idea I hope we will all pursue during these shaky ecomonic times. Let's invest in things that will appreciate, while we appreciate them. You guessed it. I'm talking about art. It really will be the gift that keeps on giving.




When I was in college I worked at an Art Museum. They had a sales/rental gallery. It was my introduction to people renting art. Fast forward to today. I've been thinking of making my work available to rent. There are all kinds of reasons and advantages to renting art. I've seen people rent pieces to redecorate for a party as well as rent just to see if they want to live with the piece. And there are probably all kinds of reasons in between.

So here's what I'm offering. Any of my work that is on this web site is available to rent for $15. a month with a 3 month minimum. In the Corvallis area I would deliver and pickup. Outside of the Corvallis area, we'd have to work something out. The rental amount would, of course, be applied toward the purchase price.
Let me know if you're interested in "trying" a piece of art...or several.What about for your office?

And for reading all the way through here's your bonus image of my celebratory election painting.

Another October Art Maps? Yes, but it's just an Autumn Greeting with my most recent painting titled The Pie Server. Consider it a Happy Fall Greeting from me. For a larger version visit my website.

I hope you're enjoying the season.



October, 2008

I have several bits of news. It all comes in a flurry, like the leaves falling outside my studio.

First, I have a piece in the 6th around Oregon annual at the Corvallis Arts Center from October 2 to 30. There's an opening reception on the 2nd, from 5:30 to 7. So if you're in the area, please drop in. I'll post my entry at the bottom on this Art Maps.

I have two other places where my work will be during this school term. That is from now until the first of December for those of you who like me, are not closely tied to the school year.

The first is an invitational group exhibit in the North Santiam Hall at LBCC in Albany, Oregon. I've only seen the wall space. I haven't see the show. But it looked like a nice venue and I'm excited to be there and be with the other 5 artists. I have 8 pieces there.The opening will be at noon on the 16th. Here's your chance to attend a mid-day opening!

I also have about a dozen pieces at the Women's Center on the OSU Campus. They are planning an open house on the 13th from 4 to 6.That's more of an Open House for the Center, not an art reception, but I plan on being there and so will my work.

That's about it.

Thanks for reading and here's that drawing

cheers, Carol

11 July 2008

I'll attach a couple of drawings this time. At least one of them is
up on my web site and the other will be soon. Drawing! I sure do like
making marks on paper (or canvas for that matter).
There's a little exhibit news. The soonest exhibit that I'll be in is
the Around Oregon Annual at the Art Center in Corvallis during
October this year.
There are a couple of other events that are exciting to me but are so
far away I don't even have a calendar of that year yet. So I'll save
that news until they are a little closer. I will give you a clue -
one has to do with the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene and the other is a
retrospective show. So stay tuned.
I'm loving this weather and hope you are too.
Here are the pictures. The first is titled 3Rs (two Robins and a
Rose) and the second I'm calling "Bird". Maybe I'll come up with
something more imaginative.

May 2, 2008

We've had an Osprey visiting our pond. I have a spotting scope set up
in the living room so we can see him up close and personal. It's so
entertaining to see him more or less at eye level. Usually we see
them while we are looking up into the sky and they are setting in
their huge nests scolding us.
He inspired this recent piece.

March 24, 2008

Each Spring I do a piece commemorating the season. Here's the one for this year. I've added it to the drawing page on my website.

Happy Renewal to us all,


March 2008

Thank you to all who attended my art party at Gathering Together Farm. I hope you enjoyed it.

The news is that I got a recent drawing in the Art About Agriculture show sponsored by OSU.
But wait there’s more...

They purchased it.

The opening of the exhibit will be April 8 at La Selles Stewart Center on the OSU campus. The festivities are from 6:30 until 8:30. If you’re in the neighborhood please come on by.

If you miss the opening night the show will be there for a month before it starts to tour. I don’t have the tour schedule but I have a link to Art About Agriculture here on my website.

Needless to say I am very pleased.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you are enjoying the start of Spring.